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Cedar Hill Open Learning Community

We strive to be a self-directed, democratic learning community for kids 5 years old and up, of all learning styles, neurodiversity types, and gender choices. Simply put, we believe in diversity. We do not believe in any particular pathway to learning in life. Instead we create spaces and build our community around the idea that the learning path gets built as you walk upon it. Human beings are constantly learning and, with an open minded, supportive and diverse community, all of that learning can come together in a way that each person can find their particular interests and purpose in life.

2019 Calendar

Join us Starting Feb.12

Registration now open for our
age 5 and up Democratic Learning Community programs starting in September. Contact us for more information.

Drop-ins to try it out

August 13th to the 29th: drop-in days to build our community on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm. Come for a day, week, month to try us out. Contact us for more information.

Farmers Markets & Pride Days

August 15th we will be at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market . And then on August 10th we will be at New West Pride Day. Click on the links or Contact us for more information.

September 2019

Our Democratic Learning Community starts meeting on a regular basis!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10am to 3pm (Sept - June). Contact us for more information.