Contact us @ Cedar Hill Open Learning

Fill out our Contact form to let us know you would like to come and visit and/or register with Cedar Hill Open Learning, and one of our staff will respond with information and forms that you will need. The forms are also available at our location when you visit. At the moment we are doing paper forms, but we are working on having our forms filled out online in the future.

We strive to be a self-directed, democratic learning community for kids 5 years old and up, of all learning styles, neurodiversity types, and gender choices. Simply put, we believe in diversity. We do not believe in any particular pathway to learning in life. Instead we create spaces and build our community around the idea that the learning path gets built as you walk upon it. Human beings are constantly learning and, with an open minded, supportive and diverse community, all of that learning can come together in a way that each person can find their particular interests and purpose in life.

We thought we had found a DL to work with, but they denied us access because we didn’t fit their model of what education looks like. We are presently looking for a DL that would be supportive of our diverse community and diverse learning styles and allow us to have children in our community from different DLs or who are “Registered”. If you know of a DL that might be of service, or of other funding that would help us to be independent, then we would love to speak with you. Please contact us! :)