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Daniel Stee

Board Member/Staff/Co-founder

Daniel is an outside-of-the-box thinker who can’t help but swim against the current. He has been working with kids and youth every since he started organizing whole-neighborhood adventures as a teen. He is a writer, a thinker, an artist, a musician, a tinkerer and a builder and is pretty much into anything with the least bit of creativity, problem-solving, and fun involved. In another life he was a classroom teacher who pushed the envelope to the limit but has been working with open learning communities for the past few years and has found his home here.


Hyon Stee

Board Member/Staff/Co-Founder

Hyon is an artist, an art therapist (working on BC Certification at VATI), and a student of life and of holisticism. She has been working with children for many years and really loves experiencing life and and the creative process with children and through their eyes. She believes that the most important gift in life is an open mind and she loves to share her experiences with others, especially with children because they are full of curiosity and wonderment.



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